About Us

About Us

Bermuda Vacation Rentals

In recent years, Taylor and Thoshlae Williams realized they did not want the expenses of travelling to put a limit on their vacation plans. They often stayed in Airbnbs, which meant more money for dining, excursions and adventures, while experiencing their destination as a local would. After frequent stays in Airbnbs in New York, Toronto and Bermuda they quickly appreciated the industry but also noted how much work was involved in upkeep, management and maintenance to continuously receive five star reviews.

After a family emergency brought them back to Bermuda in May 2019, Thoshlae a recently licensed realtor and Taylor, a Health Corporation Manager saw a growing vacation rental industry. However, initial research showed there were little to no full service Airbnb management companies on the island that homeowners could lean on for assistance and industry knowledge. ELEVATE Host Services was created with the goal to increase earning potential, homeowner free time and help rental units achieve more five star reviews.

In the long term, they aim to improve Bermuda tourism by leaving guests with a lasting impression of the island and their Bermuda Airbnb/vacation rental experience.


Our Values

We will always act in our clients best interest. Honesty will be at the forefront of all meetings, interactions and representations with clients, guests and properties.

We take pride in getting the job done. No matter what time of day, our team has you covered. We handle each task with the same level of care and consistency to help you receive more five star ratings. 

Our processes and code of standards ensure that whether we manage one vacation rental or one hundred we will ensure the task is handled to the highest level of standard.


Yes, you are able to arrange services a la carte. The revenue percentage is calculated based on the number of services requested. 

We will will assess the rental property using a number of factors such as available amenities, location and comparable units. Once we gather the necessary details, our software uses an algorithm to provide a final price.

We will screen potential occupants by keeping an eye out for clients that have incomplete profiles on rental websites, if they are booking stays longer than 30 days, and requests above $10000BMD. 

There is no minimum length of time which you are required to partner with us. However, if you wish to terminate the agreement, you must provide us with a written 30 day notice to allow us to close out the account and submit the final billing statement. 

We will remain in contact with the homeowner and provide updates on bookings, vacancy rates and guest satisfaction. In addition, our property management software allows us to create an account for the homeowner in order for them to stay up-to-date on all aspects of their rental. Lastly, we will provide an overview summary of how your rental unit performed over the past month in order to keep you up-to-date on the rental statistics. 

Of course! This is your rental unit and you have full flexibility to select the availability of your vacation rental. Our management software allows you to set your calendar availability via our owner portal, which gives you full access to your calendar. From there you can choose the dates you would like to make available to your potential guests.