Hamilton, Bermuda, July 23rd, 2019 — Elevate Host Services, one of Bermuda’s newest vacation property management companies, is proud to announce the launch of its vacation rental services effective July 2019. 

In the last two years Bermuda has seen a surge in the amount of visitors booking bed & breakfast accommodations. As more locals rent out their homes to visitors and Bermudians seeking a staycation small opportunistic businesses like ELEVATE are easing the burden on property renters.

“We aim to provide reliable, hassle free, full service property management for our customers to increase revenue and monthly bookings,” says Owner and Founder, Taylor Williams.

Prior to the launch of the business, Williams worked in Nova Scotia’s corporate healthcare industry with the responsibility of overseeing the Atlantic LTD Division. 

Co-founder, Thoshlae Williams, is ecstatic that Elevate is breaking into the bed & breakfast management market in Bermuda. 

“Globally companies like ours are popping up to support property owners who thrive on income from vacationers looking to experience Bermuda outside of traditional accommodations,” she says, “After living in Nova Scotia for the last eight years it is a great feeling to come back and contribute to the local economy.”

The Bermuda Tourism Authority’s work with Airbnb has paved the way for many Bermudians to contribute to tourism. In 2019, Airbnb experiences launched in Bermuda giving locals the chance to offer cultural experiences to guests. 

“I think the ultimate goal would be for every Bermudian to be an ambassador for Bermuda and be afforded unique ways to earn income while sharing the one of a kind Bermudian culture. We want to offer vacation property management but we also want guests of our customers to have the advantage of experiencing the island with preferred rates.”

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