Replenish Retreats brings local holistic wellness experts together to help modern day women dedicate time to self-care and re-learn what it means to be healthy from a mind, body and soul perspective. Retreats are held over a weekend or seven day period.


Women Empowerment – As women it is our duty to enlighten ourselves and each other. Through education we can move past any limitation society places on us.  “If you educate a man you educate an individual but If you educate a woman you educate a nation” ~ African proverb.

Trusting & Safe Environment – We can be open while respecting each others boundaries. What happens at Replenish stays at Replenish.

Community – We all come from different walks of life and that is okay. A box of crayons with the same colours would be boring. What is most important is that the sisterhood you will gain will last a lifetime.

Adventure – Smile girl, let’s have some fun! Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone. Sneakers are strongly recommended.

Sustainability – We only have one planet earth let’s do our best to protect it. No matter our surroundings be mindful of the environment, make smart choices, and lets reduce our footprint together.


Thoshlae Williams, CEO & Founder 

A quest for health and wellness is what wakes Thoshlae (Thosh) up in the morning. She starts each day with yoga, mindfulness, journaling and green juice. After encounters with anxiety in high school and university she quickly turned to meditation, prayer and an active lifestyle to help her cope whilst living in Halifax, Nova Scotia for 10 years. During those years, she also became an avid lover of Zumba at Goodlife Fitness and tennis. Growing up in Bermuda, Thosh was raised to believe in women empowerment first as a Cedar Hill Girl Guide, and later as a member of CedarBridge Academy’s Girls Club. The knowledge she gained by participating in those circles undoubtedly shaped her into the person she is today. She genuinely cares about the struggles of women and particularly minority women. A topic she studied in gender and women studies at Dalhousie University whilst obtaining her BA in Journalism from DAL’s sister school, University of Kings College.

Her vision is for Replenish Retreats to guide women from all backgrounds to find their way to a holistically healthy lifestyle under the guidance of the best health experts. Participants can also expect to gain sisterhood from like-minded individuals around the world.

Thosh takes pride in planning and executing her vision with a keen eye for detail. She is confident that her knowledge as a Co-Owner of ELEVATE Host Services combined with past experiences in managerial roles will enable her to make Replenish a success.

Thosh looks forward to welcoming you to Replenish Retreats in 2020.

Agathe Holowatinc, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

 Agathe Regina Holowatinc, MLIS, INHC, is a passionate advocate of real food, holistic approaches to health and communicating big ideas in a simple way. She believes that vibrant health is our birthright and that achieving optimal health is the best springboard for achieving all of our biggest dreams.

Agathe is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, having graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition® in New York City and is trained in modern health coaching, eastern and western nutrition philosophies, and relating the impact of dietary and lifestyle changes on optimal health to others. She is Director & Co-Founder at FUELLED Bermuda Ltd., whose mission is to help the people of Bermuda realize massive and measurable success in their healthy-eating related goals. Her business partner at FUELLED Bermuda is Former World Middleweight Boxing Champion & Crossfit Competitor, Teresa Perozzi. Together they offer healthy cooking demos, personal chef services, 1-on-1 Integrative Nutrition Coaching, nutrition and healthy lifestyle presentations, FUELLED book sales and signings, upleveling restaurant and bar menus and a BASASS BAKERY (healthy treats, made to order).  They also create inspirational products and have just launched their FIT & FUELLED BERMUDA 2020 12-MONTH CALENDAR (available for $20 while supplies last)!

Agathe loves to cook and has spent 20+ years thinking about how she can deliver food that will actually benefit those who eat it — That will actually FUEL their bodies. She is so passionate about healthy cooking that she wrote a handbook called FUELLED: Transform Your Body | Enhance Your Energy | Supercharge Your Life in 2018 in order to share her philosophy, tips and recipes with Bermuda and the rest of the world.

Ranae K Bean, Spirit Of Love Global (Health & Wellness)

 Ranae Kai is inspired by people, travel, and nature. She loves running. Running is her morning glory and breath of fresh air. Absorbing nature this way allows her to focus mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Ranae Kai’s favorite sports to play are netball and volleyball. She also has a heart for swimming, cycling, and hiking. Learning about the body is her daily focus, and is a soothing mechanism for her. Her new found loves are everything plant based, and Pilates.

Ranae Kai’s university career includes travel, business management, and entrepreneurship. Her passion for this realm is health and wellness. She is encouraged by helping others, and leading with integrity. Holistic, healthy living has been a beautiful journey that she is excited to share with the world. Ranae Kai has been actively pursuing her endeavors with Spirit Of Love, SOL
since 2017. She has been laying the necessary limestone to build her legacy. Between September 2015 and October 2016 she excelled in her role as a Fitness Trainer and later Advisor while in Canada. Following her time spent in Mexico as an exchange student, amongst many cherished moments, she was convicted that natural fruits are essential to well-being including the process of planting seeds, nourishing soil, and watering growth. Ranae Kai aspires to create a holistic wellness arena. Her focus today is to plant seeds of peace, confidence, and guidance to her SOL community.

She motivates people to pursue a holistic lifestyle, by looking good, feeling better. She also guides others with fitness etiquette, encouraging unconditional love for their body.

SOL consults with clients to understand their physical disabilities, as well as emotional discomforts and insecurities. With these understandings, SOL coaches clients to establish realistic health goals, and an exercise regime to obtain inner peace, outer strength. SOL’s consultation process consists of identifying the perfect service tier to coach their clients. SOL creates specialized physical, emotional, and nutritional programs to ensure clients success of optimal health. These specialized programs stem from SOL’s foundational package including general movement, talk therapy, and plant based experiences.