Where do I start. . . Well, I love food and because of that I also enjoy cooking food. There are so many dishes I favour but I definitely enjoy spicy cuisine, west indian curries, and I love love love soups especially butternut squash.

I would describe my personal diet as pescatarian/vegetarian although I occasionally indulge in the odd piece of chicken (I’m working on it.) In the last 10 years I have given up red meat, pork, and lamb and I am slowly working towards limiting chicken. My decision to cut out these foods was less to do with weight and more about my body’s reaction to meat. I always had a hard time digesting it and it made me feel sluggish.

Nowadays, I am definitely more conscious of what I consume. I have a small vegetable garden see the Garden Gal section.

If it was up to me I would grow all my own foods. I feel like in todays society you don’t know what are getting anymore. There are so many pesticides sprayed and hormones injected no wonder diseases such as cancer are at an all time high.

Anyhow, I hope these recipes will inspire you to make healthier choices. I do hope you find some that you enjoy. I will try my best to add new recipes a few times out of the week.