Stressed about packing for your next Bermuda vacation? Not to worry, simply have a read and get 10 ideas of what you need for your upcoming trip.

Hands down the most important thing to pack is. .  .

1. Sunblock

Seriously, I can’t stress enough how important it is to bring waterproof sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30. Getting sunburnt and being in pain is no way to spend your vacation which is why I apply a layer of sunblock every one to two hours when I’m on the beach. If you forget your sunblock not to worry they do sell it locally at any pharmacy or gift shop. If you really want to take precautions to be sunsmart I would also recommend a hat, beach cover up and sunglasses.

2. Beach Blanket

Another thing most people forget to pack is a beach blanket. Chances are if you are staying at a hotel they will have free towels available but if you are visiting the Island by cruise or staying at a guest I would recommend packing a small and lightweight beach mandala to sit on and soak up the sun. I purchased mine from Amazon. Trust me these are much better than lugging around heavy beach towels. 

3. Swimwear and snorkel

While we are on the subject of the beach, depending on how long I am planning to go I take anywhere from 2-3 bathing suits at a time. With hundreds of beaches to choose from and too many water activities to count, you do not want to slip up and leave your bathing suit at home.

If you are feeling really adventurous and want to swim with the fish I I would also recommend bringing your own snorkel and mask. One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to snorkel around the reefs, observing the varieties of marine life and nearby oversized parrot fish. I appreciate having my snorkel nearby when I see a colourful reef I would like to explore. 

4. Active wear and sneakers

You may be tempted to only pack sandals but if you want to climb new heights (and I do mean literally) you may want to consider packing some down and dirty active shoes. You will notice on various beaches in Bermuda , especially on South Shore there are large rock formations and cliffs that many adventurers dare to climb. Obviously, you would only climb where safe to do so, but climbing aside, Bermuda has lots of walking trails, nature reserves and sightseeing adventurers that are made much more comfortable with sneakers. Just remember to take a backpack and stuff your sandals inside.

7. Water Bottle

If you are okay with drinking the local water I would suggest taking a large water bottle with you, especially if you are traveling in the summer season (May – September).  If not, I would suggest immediately stopping to a local grocery store and buying a small case of water. You will not regret having plenty to drink. Try to remember to take water everywhere you go and definitely if you are going to  the beach. You can expect to pay double the price for water at hotels and beach canteens so it is worthwhile to bring your own.

5. Raincoat

Depending on the time of year you are traveling, I would suggest it may be worthwhile to pack a lightweight raincoat. I travelled in late February early March and it rained every other day. However, in the summer months the island can go weeks without rain. Honestly it never hurts to be prepared you may decide it is better to take a small umbrella or risk it all and get caught in the rain.

6. Dress Attire 

If you are like me and you enjoy a night drinking in the city or dining at a local hotspot be sure to pack some smart casual attire. Most bars and restaurants enforce dress codes as well as the few existing clubs in town. For ladies this could be a sundress or shorts with a blouse and for men, Bermuda shorts are the norm as well as a button up shirt. If you get chilled easily I would suggest taking a lightweight jacket for the evening. Men, just remember, going topless is never an option unless you want to be fined. 

That’s it! Those are the most important things I would suggest taking on a seven day trip to Bermuda. I do typically pack my favourite toiletries regardless of if I stay with family or at a hotel. Most importantly, I tend to overpack for the beach (Hat, sunglasses, cover up — you name it). I hope you enjoy yourself and remember to stay hydrated in the midst of all of your fun.

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